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All right, lemme put it this way; think of how many really accomplished engineers are libertarians who invest in BitCoin. That is the difference between Intelligence and Wisdom.
— General Ironicus - Retsutalk 45  (via happydecemberween)
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Pokemon friend safari: Jason 4313-0403-7912 Steel Forretress Ferrothorn Excadrill

Add me 2020-0176-1836

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pumpkaboo-isee-you said: Hey, my friend code is 1650-1203-4806 c: my in-game name is Anthony. Please add me? :3


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I never thought I’d actually be making a post about my job. I’m at an impasse; I love everything about DQ. I love serving people, I love the usual customers, I love the extra money I get from tips. It’s a fun, easy job.

Yet I can’t stand how I’m treated like a tool. I (and everyone else) am replaceable to my bosses, and it’s evident in the way they treat me. At no other job are people screamed at for not showing up on days that they weren’t scheduled to work. Hell, I’d assume most jobs would tell you if they rewrote your entire schedule. I’d even hope they’d tell you even once out of the four times they’ve done this to me. But nope.

To quit or not to quit.

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do other dairy queens have tip jars?? because my bosses have gotten super mad at us before for accepting tips, they say it’s against dq policy, and we have to put any and all extra money in the drawer, whether it’s 2 cents or twenty bucks. they threatened to send a girl home once because she was…

they’re just being total jerks, we take tips like crazy and nobody says anything. 

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Somebody help me! I need to find out what my friend safari is, just message me your code; mine is 2020-0176-1836 (I’ll love you until the end of time)

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Who would’ve thought tumblr would be 99% responsible for helping me put together my XY team

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Safari Type: Steel
Pokemon: Mawile, Forretress, Excadrill
Friend Code: 4785-5518-4479

My FC is 2020-0176-1836, I’d really appreciate if you added me :)

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My Friend Code is 0259-0530-1511
My friend safari is fairy type with togepi and jigglypuff( thanks alexandra ;) ). Message me with your FC and I will add you right away. :)

EDIT I am adding everyone who comments or likes the post thank you all!! :)

My code is 2020-0176-1836. Thanks so much :)

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I feel like my tumblr only exists so that I can angrily reblog Umineko songs as I sit in denial over the fact that I’ll never finish it.

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zts - lastendconductor

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You made me confess the fears that I have. But I will tell you also what I do not fear. I do not fear to be alone or to be spurned for another or to leave whatever I have to leave. And I am not afraid to make a mistake, even a great mistake, a lifelong mistake and perhaps as long as eternity too.
— James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (via quotes-shape-us)

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